Understanding the history of Gonstead Chiropractic

Dr. Clarence Gonstead spent his childhood learning how to take apart and rebuild items on his family’s farm. This natural love for understanding how things work eventually led Gonstead to a brief career in mechanical engineering before going on to receive his education at Palmer School of Chiropractic in 1923. While running his own clinic in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, he started considering the human spine with engineering principles in mind.

Over the next 50 years, Dr. Gonstead perfected his method of chiropractic and helped to successfully treat hundreds of thousands of people who traveled from all across the world. He kept his office doors open seven days a week and often had a lobby full of people willing to wait hours for one of his adjustments. His highly respected “Gonstead Method” is taught at chiropractic schools all over the world.

How Gonstead Chiropractic is different

The Gonstead Method includes a much deeper and thorough analysis of the health of the spine and any present subluxations that might be hindering a patient’s health and well-being. There are five specific components to this approach: X-rays to visually see the spine, palpitations with a chiropractor’s hands to feel any subluxations, instrumentation with a Nervoscope to get a bilateral temperature reading of the spine, visualization with a chiropractor watching posture and gait closely, and lastly, symptom logging to understand a patient’s health history.

This in-depth method considers all elements of a patient’s health before a single adjustment is given. The information tells a chiropractor the exact point(s) to focus on adjusting in order to correct subluxations throughout the spine.

Gonstead Chiropractic in Washington, DC

Dr. Anthony Noya has treated thousands of patients across Washington, D.C. utilizing the Gonstead Method. Since 2005, he has owned and operated Noya Chiropractic, a clinic in Tenleytown that proudly serves Friendship Heights, American University Park, Chevy Chase, Bethesda, Georgetown, and all surrounding Washington, D.C. areas. Noya Chiropractic is a clinic for the whole family. Dr. Anthony is ICPA certified and specializes in the treatment of newborns, children, and pregnant or postpartum women. *Please note: pregnant women do not receive X-rays.