Nutritional Counseling

Proper nutrition is an essential building block for health and wellness. With our modern lifestyle, it can be challenging to eat a balanced diet with a sufficient amount of fresh produce and high-quality protein. Over time this creates imbalance, deficiency, and toxicity in the body, which can undermine all health pursuits.

At Noya Chiropractic, we offer nutritional consults to help the body restore its natural state of health. Our process looks at understanding any existing imbalance and then creating a plan to facilitate optimal well-being. This is typically achieved through diet modification and the addition of targeted supplementation to eliminate deficiency and toxicity. We use high-quality whole food supplements made by Standard Process and MediHerb.

Why Standard Process and MediHerb?

The quality of supplements produced by these companies is unsurpassed. For over seventy-five years, their processing methods have preserved as much of the essential nutrition and healing value as possible. The whole food is dried and condensed in a way that preserves the enzymes and provides the whole vitamin complexes in their synergistic, natural form.

Whole food supplementation recognizes that we cannot isolate or synthesize all the nutrients in a laboratory that our body naturally derives from consuming whole foods. Whole food supplements are highly complex structures that include a variety of enzymes, coenzymes, antioxidants, trace elements, activators other unknown factors. These complexes increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the supplement allowing the body to return to optimal function.


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Nutrition consultation can be done in the office or via virtual care. Please click here to book online or call the office with questions or for additional information.

After an initial consultation, you will be given a written recommendation and plan of action. You will be provided with access to order your supplements directly online from the comfort of your own home to be directly delivered to you. Or, if you prefer, supplements can be ordered and picked up via our office.

Get started today on your journey towards optimal nutrition.

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